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E & S Contractor Painters are Certified with Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore


"Enhance Your Home with E&S Contractor Painters Near Me in Auburn, AL!

When it comes to remodeling your home and giving it a fresh, vibrant look, few options are as affordable and impactful as interior, exterior painting and fresh new paint on cabinets. At E&S Contractor Painters of Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, we're your local experts in Auburn, AL, specializing in both interior and exterior painting services that can truly transform your living spaces.

Interior Painting: 
Our interior painting services are designed to breathe new life into any room. Whether you're looking to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, or revamp your kitchen's style, our expert painters have you covered. We'll help you choose the perfect colors that not only match your vision but also add depth and personality to your home.

Exterior Painting:
The exterior of your home deserves the same attention and care as the interior. Our exterior painting services will give your house a stunning facelift. With a fresh coat of paint, your home will look as good as new and stand out in the neighborhood. But our expertise goes beyond aesthetics – we understand the importance of protecting your home from the elements. That's why we offer wood staining and deck painting services that ensure your surfaces stay in top condition for years to come.

Located Close to Auburn University:
Conveniently situated near Auburn University, we're your trusted residential painters in Auburn, Opelika, and the surrounding areas of Alabama. Our proximity allows us to provide timely and personalized services to meet your unique needs.

Ready to Transform Your Home?
Let's sit down, have a conversation, and create a painting plan that brings your vision to life. At E&S Contractor Painters of Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, we're committed to delivering quality craftsmanship, long-lasting results, and a home that you'll love.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a beautifully painted home!"

Residential & Commercial Painting

Residential & Commercial Painting

residential painting

E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc in Auburn, Al

Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

       E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al painting a building’s exterior is not usually a DIY project. It requires careful preparation and often includes specialized repairs. E&S Contractor Painting crew can easily take a week in a house that’s small to average in size. Imagine tackling that on your own!

                                      Here’s what exterior painting involves:

Planning Around the Weather:

Exterior painting: needs a window of weather opportunity. This means painting when the weather is exactly right ideally, between 50- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. We can’t paint in extremely high humidity or rain. It can cause the paint to blister or eventually begin to peel.


Exterior painting requires using high-quality ladders of various lengths or with good extension. Depending on the height and design of your house, scaffolding might be needed. High-quality paint brushes, sprayers, and rollers are also required – in addition to things like tape, tarps, and plastic sheeting.  E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al

Prepping the area:

Before painting, the house and its immediate surroundings need to be ready. Items near the house, like grills, patio furniture, and trash bins, need to be moved out of the way. Foundation shrubs (and possibly tree branches) will need tying back and covering. Pathways and doorways need to be protected.  E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al


In most cases, the house’s exterior will need professional power washing before being painted. Paint won’t adhere properly to a dirty or mildewed surface. E&S Painting Company Inc. has their own Pressure washer crew to take of your House, Decking, Pool Decking, Concrete sidewalk, Brick Homes, Fences around yard or Pools.


Before doing exterior paint is an excellent time to evaluate the exteriors of your home to identify any necessary repairs.

· Any flaking or blistering paint will need, at a minimum, to be sanded down.

· Rotted or damaged wood should be repaired or replaced before painting begins.

· Any areas where there are apparent blemishes, scratches, or bumps should be sanded. (Sanding also helps the paint      adhere to the surface.)

· Any surface gaps and holes need to be caulked or filled. 


In most cases, it’s advisable to prime the surface first, especially if it’s wood, there are stains, or going from a dark color to a much lighter color.  E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al


Lastly, before painting, it’s necessary to cover nearby items like light fixtures, adjacent hardscapes, doors, windows, and doorframes using tape and plastic sheeting.

And – at last – exterior painting can begin!

By now, you understand that painting the exterior of your home is not a DIY job – especially if your home is more than one story! This type of project is best left to professionals with the experience, skills, and equipment to do an excellent job.

We’ve been working in homes in the Auburn area for almost 18 years. Middle east of Alabama is our home. We’ve built a reputation for being trustworthy and skilled and enjoy having repeat clients through the years. Feel free to call our office to schedule a Free Estimate of your home’s exterior. 

E&S Painting Company Inc. is close to Auburn University location, residential painters near me in Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, Dadeville, Al

Interior & Exterior Painting

painter on a ladder painting a wall with E&S Contractor Painters in Auburn, Opelika, Al

                                                      INTERIOR WALLS TO MAKE YOUR HOME POP!
                                                              E&S Contractor Painting near me in Auburn, Al 

Neutral paint colors are on the rise, but homeowners and renters alike are ready to personalize their space with a pop of color. An accent wall is a wonderful way to customize your home while still being subtle and easy to change as your style does. Choosing the right wall to paint is key in transforming your home. Architectural features like a fireplace, interesting shape or molding would be a wonderful place to highlight. Also consider where your eye naturally travels when you enter a room, furniture placement, and interruptions such as windows and doors. E&S Painters are Pro at making your Dreams Come True!! We a Professional team to sit down and go over your Dream House colors! Painting built-ins or a kitchen island could serve as another take on an accent wall. This would be an excellent choice in a room that is more monotone and neutral. You want your feature to stand out rather than add to an already busy room. If you are ready to transform your home with an accent wall, we would love to help! Give us a call today for your free in-home consultation! We have interior and exterior painters near you! Call Us!! Residential painters near me in Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, Dadeville, Al.




Best Weather Temperatures for Interior Painting

Do you have a painting project you’ve been dying to start but are scared the weather will get in the way? Weather and atmospheric conditions, as well as the quality of paint will play a huge role in how well paint is applied, even when it’s an interior painting project. If you’re nervous about getting started, Call Today E&S Contractor Painting. Let help you with your next project if it is in the Winter or Summer. Residential painters near me in Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, Dadeville, Al.


Best Temperatures for Paint Application

While we may want to hurry through an interior painting project to be done with the mess and fumes inside our homes. But we shouldn’t rush interior painting, especially when it is too hot or cold. In some cases, harsh cold can prevent drying altogether while during extreme heat, the surface of the paint can dry too quickly and skin over before the lower layers have a chance to dry.

Drying with temperatures that are too low or too high could mean bumps, blisters and other imperfections in the paint, such as lifting, cracking, fading, leaching or discoloration. Each paint formula is different, but as a general rule, for most oil-based paints, the ideal temperature to apply should be between 40- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit. For latex-based paints, it’s 50- to 85- degrees, although some more innovative paints are formulated to dry at lower temperatures, even as low as 35°F. We want to give you a piece of mind, we are just a phone Call AWAY!! Residential painters near me in Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, Dadeville, Al.


Why Does Weather Matter for Interior Painting?

Extremes are best to be avoided when it comes to painting. Harsh winters and scorching summers can often bring about temperatures that are not conducive for the best paint application. This is the case even when it comes to interior painting, as our homes should not be completely sealed off during a painting project to avoid fumes and speed up drying times.

If the extreme heat or cold from outside finds its way inside your home, along with any lingering moisture, it could not only delay the length of completion for your painting project, but also impede it from drying correctly.

When you combine extreme temperatures and high humidity in any painting projects, you’re bound to have some trouble with the quality of the work. Call E&S Contractor Painters today for a free, no-obligation estimate and get started on your renovation. Residential painters near me in Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, Dadeville, Al.


Professional Cabinet Painting

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Don’t Replace Your Cabinets—Refresh Them!
 E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc
   in Auburn, Opelika, Al

         Are you considering how to best remodel your home? When you’re looking to modernize an outdated kitchen, it’s important not to overlook your cabinets and shelving. In addition to providing storage or display space, the cabinets and shelves in your home do double duty by adding to the overall appearance of your space.  E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al.


What better way to spruce up the heart of the house than with a fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paint!


Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to revive your kitchen. At Five Star Painting, we have one goal — to make your home your dream home. Let our professional painters help you refresh your shelves, built-in units, and cabinets today.





Kitchen cabinets - refinished.


Large kitchen with wood floors, an island in the middle and off-white cabinets.

Our Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Services

We know that a newly painted cabinet can refresh your space and add appeal. Our cabinet, built-in storage, and shelf painting and refreshing services include:


  • Kitchen cabinets

  • Cabinet doors

  • Kitchen islands

  • Built-in shelving

  • Laminate cabinets

  • Solid wood cabinets

  • Frameless cabinets

  • Wall cabinets

  • Cabinet drawers

  • Bathroom cabinets

  • Closet storage

  • MDF cabinets

  • Framed cabinets

  • Base cabinets

  • Tall cabinets




Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets vs Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is the process of entirely removing the original finish. This is a very difficult and time-consuming process. Refinishing kitchen cabinets can only be done with solid wood cabinets. Our experts recommend panting kitchen cabinets for the most cost-effective solution. This involves a light sanding and priming for adhesion, followed by a coat of high-quality paint.

*Services vary by location. Contact E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al.  Five Star Painting to discuss your project.


Should I Paint or Replace Cabinets?

Replacing cabinets is expensive, messy, and inconvenient. If you want to remodel your home while sticking to a budget, consider painting or refinishing your existing cabinets. Our professional painters have the expertise and top-of-the-line equipment to leave your cabinets looking like new. E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al


Whether you’re looking for a fresh coat of eye-catching paint or want to show off the beauty of your wooden cabinets with a beautiful new stain, our team has what it takes to make your décor visions come to life.


Some of the advantages of our cabinet painting services include:


Cost Effectiveness.

New units are costly, especially if you already have quality cabinets in place. Refinishing or painting your existing cabinets saves you money.

Deck Painting

deck painting by E&S Contractor Painting in Auburn, AL


    Building a deck is an investment in the beauty, value, and utility of your home. E&S Contractor Painting offers professional deck painting and staining services to keep your deck beautiful, protect against surface damage, and maximize the value and longevity of your deck E&S Contractor Painting has one decades’ experience staining and painting decks of high-end homes and businesses in Auburn, Dadeville, Opelika, and throughout Middle Alabama.

Have You Waited Too Long to Restaining Your Deck?

Experts recommend restaining your deck every two years.

If you are noticing signs of weathering, wear, and tear, fading, or discoloration, you run the risk of further splintering, splitting, or rotted wood. These problems are difficult and costly to fix. But if you’re proactive about deck painting and staining, you’re protecting the value and safety of your home or business.  E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al.

Transparent and Translucent Deck Stains

Semi-transparent and translucent stains offer an incredible variety of products that yield impressive results for your deck painting or staining project.

Most people enjoy their deck for years with these finishes. And there are a variety of color and style options. If you chose a transparent or translucent stain, our team could help you find the perfect color to complement your decor.

Benefits of Self Priming Solid Coating Deck Finishes

If you're looking for an alternative to transparent or translucent deck stains, E&S Contractor Painting also offers solid coating finishes for your deck.

  • Endless Color Options: There are colors for every taste and style available.

  • Easier Cleaning and Maintenance: SPS is not thick like Deck over or restore, making routine cleaning and gentle pressure washing simple while maintaining a solid stain like appearance.

  • Surface Protection: Solid coating is opaque, so it shields your deck from UV damage and moisture more effectively than semi-transparent or translucent stains.

  • Longer Lasting: Depending on environmental factors and level of use, SPS could protect your deck for 1-2 year longer than other finishes, at no difference in cost.


Solid coatings can improve any deck, but the E&S Contractor Painting teams have seen the best results with:

  • Older decks

  • Decks with stains

  • Surfaces with previous coatings

  • Decks with sun or weather damage

It’s exceedingly difficult to reverse deck staining and painting process once committing to solid coatings. Talk to the E&S Contractor Painting team about your style, maintenance, and budget goals before starting your project. E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al.

Working with E&S Contractor Painting: Our Deck Painting Process

At E&S Contractor Painting, details are everything, and this starts with thorough preparation:

  • One day prior to coating, we pressure wash your deck to remove dirt, algae, pollen, dust, mold, and loose or failing coatings

  • We then applied one coat of product. We exclusively use Sherwin-Williams Super Deck products, a choice that we believe in and have seen performed exceptionally repeatedly.

  • Typically, we spray and back brush. If you prefer a brush-only project, please let us know in advance

Enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful deck that stands the test of time. When it comes to deck painting and staining, you deserve nothing less than a perfect finish. Hire E&S Contractor Painting to transform your deck today. Residential painters near me in Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, Dadeville, Al.

Drywall Repair

E&S Contractor Painters-services- in Auburn, Opelika, Al  (25).jpg



          E&S Contractor Painting strives to leave our customers completely satisfied with a high-quality paint job that they can be proud to show off to their friends. Part of supplying our residential painting service is to include supplying a dependable Drywall repair service to customers near me in Auburn, Opelika, Al.

The best way to get a quality paint finish on your home's interior walls is to repair any drywall or sheetrock damage first. Drywall and Sheet rock repair is important before adding a new coat of paint to the interior of your house because the smallest crack or hole will show through.

If you really want the interior of your Mid-East Alabama house to be impressive, let us start with the basics of drywall and sheetrock repair. Drywall and Sheet rock is the foundation of your walls, and the new smoothness of the surface will greatly enhance the appearance of your home.

The professionals at E&S Contractor Painting provide quality workmanship and customer service you can depend on. We promise that all our repairs and services will be long-lasting and trustworthy.

Full-Service Drywall and Sheet rock Repairs

Our drywall and sheetrock repair professionals can handle any type of problems that you may have with your walls or ceilings. Over time, you've noticed a growing crack in your drywall and sheetrock, or a gaping hole left from a past accident. If left untreated, these cracks and holes can grow into more trouble than they are worth. Over time, they can end up costing you even more money on repairs.

For a reasonable price, the professionals at E&S Contractor Painting can repair any damage done to your sheet rock. When we finish your sheet rock repairs, you won't be able to tell there was ever any damaged drywall before.

Quality Drywall and Sheet rock Repairs You Can Trust

Sheetrock repairs take accuracy. The professionals at E&S Contractor Painting in Auburn, Al have the proper skills and training to repair any drywall with careful attention to detail. At E&S Contractor Painting we understand the importance of carefully applying spackles and sanding them down to be completely smooth with the rest of your wall.

When our professionals finish repairing your sheet rock, there will be a nice surface to paint over. We follow a detailed process that includes inspecting all your walls for any cracks, breaks, holes, or water damage.

Our professionals discuss all our repair services with the homeowner beforehand and then repair all the agreed upon areas before applying fresh paint to the coat. Don't be embarrassed by damaged walls anymore. Your guests will be impressed by the results! residential painters near Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, Dadeville, Al.

Last work of the Year 2023 We thank God for his faithfulness!

Pressure Washing

E&S pressure washing in Auburn, Al
Interior walls
Cabinets Painted or Refinished
benjamin moore kitchen cabinet paint
Deck Staining and Painting
Full Service Drywall and Sheet rock Repairs
Google Ratings and Reviews
Interior & Exterior Painting
Pressure Washing
Houses and Commercial Pressure Washing!!


E & S Contractor Painting and Pressure Washing Services 

  • Commercial Pressure Washing

  • Residential Pressure Washing

  • Concrete Driveway Washing

  • Decks and Fence Pressure Washing

  • Pool Deck Cleaning



Depending on the climate, a concrete driveway can last between 20 to 30 years. Yet with the right maintenance, this can be even longer. But do you know how pressure washing can help?

This method of cleaning has several benefits. Read on as we discuss pressure washing concrete. 


Weeds can cause a lot of damage to concrete. As soon as cracks occur, these unwanted plants will pop up in any gaps. Pulling them out is not enough, as it is the roots that do the most damage by widening the cracks. 

When you pressure wash a driveway, it will remove these troublesome weeds. Dirt that allows them to grow will also wash away, preventing them from returning. 

Do this at least once a year. Add a coat of sealant afterward and you should have a weed-free surface for the near future. 


Curb appeal is the term used by real estate agents to describe the first view of a property, which is normally from the curb. It is important, as most buyers will make their assessment based on these initial viewings. First appearances really do count. 

Power washing your concrete surfaces shows you care for the property. It gives the appearance that the home is well maintained. This is done through the removal of weeds and the general shine power washing brings. 

Curb appeal does not increase the value of the home. However, it will make it more likely to sell. Along with some landscaping, you can vastly increase your chance of a sale. 


As well as weeds, there are other natural growths that can damage your concrete. Mold, moss, mildew, and algae are culprits that can accumulate on surfaces. They will slowly corrode your paths and driveways, lowering their lifespan and resulting in costly repairs down the line. 

Cleaning your concrete will not just tear away the visible parts. It will remove spores that allow regrowth.


Concrete, like most surfaces, is susceptible to stains. Dirt, mud, and grime are easy to remove. Yet if you have vehicles, either residential or commercial, then they can leak oil and fluids that are tougher to remove.

The longer these are left to soak in, the harder the stain will be to remove. Some may even become permanent. Concrete pressure washing should be done as soon as you notice these stains so that they can break down oil and dirt on your concrete. 


Many concrete surfaces are used for outdoor living spaces. While driveways are transport hubs, patios and grill areas are used for rest and relaxation. Would you leave an internal area like this coated in dirt and grime?

When you pressure wash concrete surfaces, not only does it take away dirt but the mold and mildew that can impact breathing. If people in your home have allergies or breathing issues like asthma, this is essential.



From mold to weeds and oily stains, anything that meets your driveway can erode it. This depletes its lifespan, meaning you must pay for a replacement or repairs more often. 

When you use harsh chemical cleaners, they can damage the surface themselves. Concrete pressure washing can have increased or decreased power levels, so when your driveway doesn’t need as much a soft wash can be applied. In addition, these chemical cleaners can also damage the environment in your yard harming plants and soil. 

                                                                            Call Today!!


If you are using concrete for a driveway, it should have a rough, textured surface. This increases purchase, meaning your vehicle can grip. When mold, mildew, and oily surfaces layer up they make the surface smoother, and you have more chance of slipping or losing traction. 

Should you leave these intruders, they will eventually crack your surface. This works the other way, as the drive becomes dangerous due to being uneven. A regular pressure wash will keep the drive on a level surface giving just the right amount of grip. 


Doing a manual scrub on your drive is not only time-consuming but challenging work. You need to bend over with a brush, fill and lift buckets and get physical. 

This is not the case with pressure washing. Using the equipment is extremely easy and does not require any heavy lifting or scrubbing. If you hire someone to do it for you, it takes even less effort. 


Chemical cleaners are very damaging not just to your yard, but to the general environment. They can go back into the soil, killing it or running off into water supplies. Pressure washing only must include chemicals if you want it to, otherwise it will use water and non-harsh cleaning agents. 


When you get a new concrete surface, you can increase its lifespan by getting a coat of sealant over the top. This will protect it from cracking, fading, weather, and UV damage. Before doing it, a pressure wash will clean the surface and ensure nothing is trapped during the application.



Now you know the benefits of pressure washing concrete, add it to your maintenance schedule. You can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. 

Your first stop should be Do It Right Cleaning. We can take care of all your residential or commercial cleaning needs. Contact us here and see what we can do for you, at E&S Painting and Pressure Washing.

List of different Pressure washers: Pro Diesel Pressure Washer 3600PSI, Simpson 65215 Super Pro Pressure

Washer, 8 Different Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners, Commercial & Petrol Pressure Washers | Kerrick, Commercial & Petrol Pressure Washers | Kerrick, GNE Professional 3000 PSI (Gas - Hot Water) Pressure Washer w/ Steam, Honda Engine & CAT Pump, residential painters near Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, Dadeville, Al.

Grass growing in between the concrete joints.
Pressure washing cleaning the sidewalk.
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After Painting the Master Bathroom and Kitchen

Paint Buckets

We proudly offer residential painting and commercial painting services to clients in the Auburn, AL nearby area. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on the correct use of the right materials, excellent preparation, and a professional finish. Whether it’s your home or business, you can count on us to get the job done. Contact us and get a Free Estimate today!


Client Reviews


 Eli and his crew were punctual, professional, and a pleasure to do business with! We had them paint a couple of interior rooms in our home and they were able to get it done quickly, at a very reasonable price, and work around our schedule. I’d highly recommend them for your next painting project!

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