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residential painting

Residential & Commercial Painting in Auburn, Lake Martin,  Dadeville, AL  

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. While your interiors may not feel drab at first glance, the room immediately comes to life once we spruce up the walls or add a favorite color.


It takes a skilled hand and a trained eye to transform your house or office building into your dream vision. The colors you choose reflect your personal taste and style, and if properly executed, make for a great first impression. If you want to make your space stand out, E&S Contractor Painting Company Inc is the painting contractor for you. We provide you with excellent residential painting for all your home improvement needs.


We use high-quality products and industry-leading techniques to make our work outstanding and able to withstand everyday wear and tear. With our expertise, we can give you a flawless paint job customized to your desires. We also provide commercial painting for your business space. With the right paint, you can improve the overall appeal of your property and help keep business booming. We are committed to making every inch of your space look fantastic.


Our team is well educated in color theory, and we can make recommendations based on your preferences and the type of room you are painting. Contact us today in the Auburn, AL area for house painting, office painting, and more.

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